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Guided tours of the Leipzig Medical Biobank

Over the past 13 years, a state-of-the-art biobank infrastructure has been established at the Medical Faculty of the University of Leipzig for the collection, processing, storage and retrieval of biological samples in connection with population-based studies at the Leipzig Research Centre for Civilization Diseases (LIFE). As one of the central institutions of the LIFE project, the biobank supports researchers by ensuring high quality and standardised handling of all samples collected through the use of standard operating procedures, a trained team and automated solutions.

In 2017, the biobank was opened to further projects of the University Hospital Leipzig using the infrastructure of the LIFE biobank through the establishment of the Leipzig Medical Biobank (LMB). Currently, biospecimens from patients with various tumour entities and cardiovascular diseases are collected from the University Cancer Centre and the Vascular Centre Leipzig in cooperation with various clinics, the Institute of Pathology and the Institute of Laboratory Medicine. About 1.4 million aliquots from about 35,000 donors have been collected and stored in the epidemiological part of the biobank. Samples from 3,000 cancer patients and 300 cardiovascular patients have also been stored. Samples and data are available to researchers and more than 700 projects have been realised using data from the LIFE project. 100 of the 700 projects have been supported with more than 160,000 biosamples from the biobank. Further information on the Leipzig Medical Biobank can be found here.

A guided tour of the biobank will explain the workflow of sample processing, storage and retrieval, including potential hurdles and problems in the pre-analytical phase of the whole process. The tour will also provide an overview of the biological samples stored in the biobank and the types of projects that might be possible.

Available appointments:
January 18, 2024 | 12:00 pm  | 01:00 pm | 02:00 pm | 03:00 pm

Duration of the tour:
45 minutes

Maximum number of persons:
10 persons per tour

Meeting point:
Registration desk Research Festival – ground floor house E
Clinical Trial Center of the Faculty of Medicine | Liebigstraße 27 | 04103 Leipzig

For organizational reasons, please register at by January 15, 2024 with the following details:

  • desired date
  • surname, first name
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