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Industrial sponsors


Developing and providing products and solutions for enterprise content management including contract and data privacy management based on the JANUS software generator, the otris software AG has evolved in Germany to one of the leading companies in these fields. Products and solutions by the otris software AG are used by many customers—customers of different size as well as from different branches of industry. As our customers vary in sizes and branches, the ability of our products and solutions to adapt them easily to specific needs and business processes of our customers, is a key success factor, which—from our point of view—makes the management and modelling of variability in our products and solutions to a key success factor too. But to bring the needed variability into our products and solutions appropriate methods and tools for analysing, modelling, implementing and testing the variability of software systems are needed. And as all these issues are discussed within the workshop series on Variability Modelling of Software-intensive Systems (VaMoS) by scientists as well as practitioners, we willingly support the VaMoS 2012. We wish the organizers as well as the—hopefully—many participants interesting contributions, presentations and fruitful discussions.

(Dr. Christoph Niemann, CEO otris Software AG)


Developing customized applications is part of our daily business: Web applications need to match the customers` design guidelines, respect internal process flows and come with custom modules focused on the particular needs of our customers. To be able to maintain all different configuration sets we rely on software tools that help us to manage the variability efficiently.

By using techniques to manage the variability of our software applications it is possible to almost automatically generate an application which is optimized for the customers needs. Since bitExpert develops application by using a scripting language (PHP) we are in need for such an solution to deliver performance optimized applications to our customers.

(Thomas Wollny, CEO bitExpert AG)


itemis has been an independent IT consulting firm since 2003 and is already one of the market leaders in the field of IT-industrialization and model-driven software development. We are also successful in Eclipse Modeling, embedded systems and the development of applications for mobile devices. Research and training are our additional specialties.

With more than seven branch offices and more than 140 employees we develop innovations which are not seldomly granted renowned awards. Our focus is always on customer value: We offer teamwork, expertise, inventiveness and experience.

Our work is based on three main principles:

  • Teamwork & communication: We work together with you as our partners.
  • Methods & technologies: We support you in modern software architectures, innovative and agile methods and modern IT technologies.
  • Experience & creativity: Our specialists are at your side with their experience and creative ideas.

(Official Company Statemant, itemis AG)


Since more than 25 years Delta Software Technology successfully provides specialised generative tools for software development, maintenance and modernisation. These tools are in use by hundreds of customers in different business areas worldwide. A special challenge to be solved by these tools is the high variability of the software to be generated as this has to fit the needs of different platforms and application areas. Thus modelling of variability is addressed by Delta since more than a decade.

As software modernisation has become one of Deltas main business areas automatic recognition and management of variability (i.e. variability mining and reengineering) gets more and more important.

Successful collaborations with different research institutions over the last years motivated Delta to sponsor the workshop VaMoS and thereby to support the research on variability modelling and mining, give and get new impulses and to keep in touch with the state of the art of the variability research.
Delta wishes the organizers good luck and the participants a pleasant stay and interesting presentations as well as constructive discussions. 
(Rüdiger Schilling, CEO Delta Software Technology GmbH)


pure-systems is the leading provider of software product line and variant management engineering tools and solutions.
pure-systems enables systems engineers, architects and developers to better manage the complexity within their software systems and speeds project delivery while maintaining quality and consistency.
The core product, pure::variants, provides organisations with a tool to manage variant-rich software systems and products. It enables effective and controlled reuse of core assets and provides variant management at all stages of the software lifecycle, from requirements engineering, architecture modelling and design, coding, testing and change management.
Research and Development activities in cooperation with industry and academic partners are a core part of our strategy to drive continuous innovation in Software Product Line Engineering. Since 2006 pure-systems has actively participated in 4 National and European Research projects (ESPA, SAFE, feasiPLE, DIVa) and has provided resources to a number of further projects (CESAR, AMPLE, ATESST2, MOBILSOFT).

(Holger Schmiedefeldt, VP Business Development pure-systems GmbH)

Academic sponsors





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