6th Annual Symposium
Physics of Cancer
Leipzig, Germany
September 7-9, 2015

Invited Speakers:
Accommodation will be arranged by the University of Leipzig for all invited speakers. An e-mail with detailed arrival and accommodation information will be sent to you approximately two weeks prior to your arrival.

Other Participants:
In the following, please find some suggestions on accommodation in Leipzig:

Visa Information

For information on German visa regulations, please see the website of the Federal Forein Office.

Travel Information

Leipzig's Public Transport System in General:
MDV - Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund
LVB - Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe
DB - Deutsche Bahn
The city of Leipzig and its surrounding areas are part of "MDV" local public transport association. It consists of tram and bus lines as well as a metro-like railway called "S-Bahn" (and some regional trains). Trams and buses are operated by the "LVB", while the S-Bahn is operated by "DB" (Deutsche Bahn). However, they all share the same ticket system. Ticket fees are distance-based (zones). Here are some examples:

  • "Kurzstrecken-Fahrkarte" (short distance ticket) is valid for a maximum of four stops within the city of Leipzig (Zone 110) without interchange option (fee 1.60 EUR).
  • "Einzelfahrkarte - 1 Zone Stadt Leipzig" (full single ticket for 1 zone city of Leipzig) is valid for 1 hour for travel within one zone (e.g. the city of Leipzig) with the option to interchange to any other tram, bus, and S-Bahn lines (fee 2.40 EUR).
  • "Einzelfahrkarte - 3 Zonen" (full single ticket for 3 zones) is valid for 2 hours for travel within three zones with the option to interchange to any other tram, bus, and S-Bahn lines (fee 4.20 EUR).
  • There also options for day or week tickets which again are distance-based.
Tickets are bought at ticket machines located on most platforms and in some trams (not S-Bahn!) as well as directly from bus drivers. The machines accept cash. Tickets have to be validated prior travelling using the stamping machines located on the platforms (S-Bahn) or inside the vehicle (trams and buses).

General information on Leipzig's public transportation system, timetables, and a connection planner can be found at www.lvb.de. There, you also find network maps for day and night.

One word of warning to avoid confusion: "DB" (Deutsche Bahn) also operates regional and inter-city trains (IC and ICE) which are not included in the "MDV" local public transport association. These trains have a separate ticket system. DB ticket machines offer both, MDV tickets and DB tickets. So be careful what you choose when using DB machines. LVB and MDV ticket machines, on the other hand, offer MDV tickets only.

Arrival by Airplane at Leipzig-Halle Airport:
After your arrival with airplane at Leipzig-Halle airport, go to the airport's train platform where you can take either an S-Bahn train, an RE train, or an RB train to the city center of Leipzig. (You may also take an IC train or an ICE train, but they are more expensive because they are inter-city rail trains.)
You can by tickets at the ticket machine on the platform. For S-Bahn, RE, or RB trains, you by a light rail ticket (called "MDV ticket" for 3 zones, 4.20 EUR) which has to be validated by yourself at the stamping machine on the platform before entering the train.
There are two stops, one at the big exhibition hall ("Neuwiederitzsch / Neue Messe") and the other (yours!) in the city center at the main train station ("Leipzig Hbf - Hauptbahnhof"), which will be reached after about 15 min.

Arrival by Train at Leipzig Main Station:
Outside the main train station of Leipzig ("Leipzig Hbf - Hauptbahnhof"), there is a major tram stop. Since you will travel more than four stops, you have to buy a full "single ticket" ("Einzelfahrt" for 1 zone, 2.40 EUR) at an automat on the platform. If you already arrived via airplane and took a S-Bahn, RE, or RB train to the main train station, your "MDV ticket" is also valid for changing to the tram (within a time frame of 2 hours). In this case, you do not need to buy a separate tram ticket.
Take tram line 16 in direction "Lößnig". (With the main train station in your back, the proper direction of the tram is to your left.) After six stops you will arrive at our destination "Deutsche Nationalbibliothek" (German National Library) at "Deutscher Platz". At your target stop you the Russian Memorial Church and the book tower and new building of the German National Library.

After your arrival at the German National Library, use the map on the Location page for your oriantation to find the "Center for Biotechnology and Biomedicine (BBZ)" where the conference takes place.

Arrival by Car:
You can reach Leipzig by car via autobahn A9 (Berlin - Nürnberg) or A14 (Halle - Dresden), see left map below. In case you are on A9 coming either from north or south to the interchange "Schkeudizer Kreuz", change to A14 in direction Dresden. Leave the autobahn at the exit "Leipzig-Mitte". Follow the B2 in direction to the "Alte Messe" (old trade fairground) and "Deutsche Bücherei" (German National Library) at "Deutscher Platz".

After your arrival at the German National Library or the old trade fairground, use the map on the Location page for your oriantation to find the "Center for Biotechnology and Biomedicine (BBZ)" where the conference takes place.
Map of Leipzig and its neighborhood showing the autobahn network (in red) around the city and Leipzig-Halle airport at the upper-left. The city center of Leipzig is marked by the rectangle in the middle of the map.

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