BritCult 2021

Investigating the Super-Rich: Representations of Great Wealth in British Cultures


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There is no conference fee. The data you provide here will only be used by the organising team to contact you with information on the conference itself. It will be deleted a few weeks later.

Please note that this event is in the past.

Academic Space

  • Join the meeting

    System requirements

    Download and install the Zoom client or join the meeting in your browser. The software is available for all platforms. You do not need a Zoom account to join.

  • Mic and camera buttons

    Check your settings

    Keep the mic on mute and turn on your camera using the buttons on the bottom left. Small arrows indicate the option to switch to other audio/video devices. Please use your real name: to change how it is displayed, open the “Participants” panel and click on the “More” button next to your name in the list.

  • Display options

    Display options

    Use the “View” button in the top right to change the way video feeds are displayed to you. We recommend the gallery view where you can see the other participants.

  • Check for updates

    Technical issues

    If you run into problems, make sure you have the latest version of the Zoom client. To update, use the “Check for updates” entry in the main menu, check the Zoom page in your app store, or simply install the client again using the link above.

  • Raise hand

    As a participant

    In a discussion, use the “Raise hand” feature of the “Reactions” button to show that you have a question. Your video feed will be added to the question queue as a result.

  • Share your screen

    As a speaker

    Unmute yourself to speak and press the “Share screen” button to show slides if you want. Only activate the “Share sound” and “Optimise for video clip” options if you need them, as they may result in fuzzy images. To avoid having to share slides while you are speaking, feel free to send them to Jonatan Jalle Steller beforehand.

  • Rections

    As a chair

    Please make sure that speakers stick to their time limit. Use your voice or the “Reactions” button to give them a sign. In the discussion, call up those who have raised their (digital) hands as indicated by the video feed queue.

  • Chat


    Please treat each other with respect and use the proper pronouns if indicated. Feel free to use the chat feature to talk to colleagues, but avoid distracting speakers with chat messages sent to everyone while someone is giving a talk.

Social Space

  • Firefox browser

    System requirements

    The social space uses, a software that runs in your browser. Use Firefox or Chrome an a desktop or laptop for the best experience since the provider does not guarantee the interface to work in Safari or in tablet and phone browsers.

  • Request browser permissions

    Check your settings

    To video chat in the social space, click on “Request browser permissions” and permit your browser to use the mic and the camera. Then click “Next,” enter your name, and take a picture for others to recognise the icon representing you later on.

  • Drag your icon

    Talk to someone

    Use your pointer to drag your icon near someone you would like to talk to. The software opens a circle with video and audio feeds that others may join unless you click on the “Lock” icon to keep the conversation private.

  • Edit your profile

    Explore the social space

    The sidebar on the right provides options to see who is around and to change your display name or your picture. You can also access a chat window here in case your mic and/or camera are not working properly for some reason.

  • Talk to me

    If you do not know anyone

    Feel free to hang out in the “Talk to me” area of the social space so others see that they can approach you. During scheduled social gatherings, the organising team will have a team member availabe here to help newbies get into a conversation.

Postgraduate Forum

From 15 to 21 November 2021, conference participants can read the PhD project reports of four BritCult members, showcasing some of the most promising work in British Cultural Studies! Please provide helpful and constructive comments. The students are also invited to talk about their projects with other participants during the Postgraduate Lounge in the social space on 18 November, 1-3 pm.