12th Annual Symposium
Physics of Cancer
Leipzig, Germany
Aug 30 - Sept 1, 2021

When arriving at the conference site, please show a certificate of vaccination,
a Covid 19-recovery proof document or a negative testing result from within the last 24 hours.
If you plan to visit us on-site, please bring your own face mask.

Technical Instructions

Dear invited speakers, contributed talkers and poster presenters of PoC,

The POC-virtual test rooms are open to allow you to become familar with the conference software. The conference software is hosted on a server at Leipzig University.

Speakers are strongly encouraged to test their talks!

Please make use of a download link or an email.

It will not be possible to upload a successive talk, while the previous talk is still being presented. This would interrupt the ongoing talk. Expect long uploading durations. Use the time before the session with your presentation to upload your talk. This way the conference can take place as planned. You can upload pdf or powerpoint files, but powerpoint files are automatically converted to pdf upon upload, this may cause unwanted effects. The maximum file size for your PDF is 30MB (the smaller the faster). If your talk is larger than the file limit, please make yourself familiar with the screensharing feature, and ensure you are on a good and stable internet connection.

Chrome browser works best for this but Firefox is also an option.
For using screensharing Chrome is mandatory.


  • click here to enter BigBlueButton



  • enter your name for identificaton - enter access code
    (sent by email from conference secretariat, not relevant for members of Leipzig University)

  • take the presenter by pressing the blue "plus" button

  • upload your talk by pressing it again

  • test your microphone and webcam

  • Screensharing

    If you want to show videos in your presentation, this is how to use the screensharing feature:

  • enable your microphone

  • press the rightmost button below to activate screensharing

  • select full screen

  • maximize your talk window

  • start talking
  • If problems occur restart your Chrome browser.

    Poster presenters

    There will be an individual room for each poster, please upload your poster to that room.

    Please be available in your room during the poster session. It is possible to open several rooms in parallel, so you can have your poster room open while looking at other posters. Please make sure, you enable your microphone only in the room you are actively talking in.

    ---- CLICK HERE FOR Posterroom 1 ----

    ---- CLICK HERE FOR Posterroom 2 ----

    ---- CLICK HERE FOR Posterroom 3 ----

    ---- CLICK HERE FOR Posterroom 4 ----

    COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Digital Registration on Entry/ Einreiseanmeldung

  • Federal Goverment

  • Saxon Ministry for Social Affairs and Social Cohesion

  • Leipzig University

  • Confirmed Speakers

    Richard BARR (USA)
    Otger CAMPAS (USA and Germany)
    Ovijit CHAUDHURI (USA)
    Marvin DOYLEY (USA)
    Elisabeth FISCHER-FRIEDRICH (Germany)
    Jing GUO (Germany)
    Ming GUO (USA)
    John Huston III (USA)
    Johanna IVASKA (Finland)
    Paul JANMEY (USA)
    Sarah KÖSTER (Germany)
    Franziska LAUTENSCHLÄGER (Germany)
    Malgorzaka LEKKA (Poland)
    Matthias LÜTOLF (Switzerland)
    Yanlan MAO (Great Britain)
    Andreas MELZER (Germany)
    Cornelia MONZEL (Germany)
    Lance MUNN (USA)
    Xavier TREPAT (Spain)
    Jens WÜRFEL (Switzerland)
    Liang ZHU (China)

    +++ News +++ News +++ News +++

    We are glad to inform you that our conference is allowed to take place
    virtually and on-site with limited access.

    Register today and join us!


    This meeting will take place both on-site and virtually. The amount of people to meet on-site is restricted. When booking your trip and hotel, please look carefully at cancellation policies. We cannot exclude the possibility that the on-site conference has to be cancelled on short notice.

    In case you already paid for the on-site attendance and the conference has to take place purely virtually on short notice, we will refund the difference between the two.

    Please note that we cannot refund any cancellation fees or other costs for transportation and accommodation!

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