12th Annual Symposium
Physics of Cancer
Leipzig, Germany
Aug 30 - Sept 1, 2021

12th Annual Symposium "Physics of Cancer"
Aug 30 - Sept 1, 2021 at Leipzig University, Germany.

This year again, we will bring together world-class researchers from across the globe, who are leading the way investigating the physical mechanisms underlying cancer progression as well as diagnosis and innovative therapies.

The meeting has always been a fantastic platform to stay updated on the latest science in the field, create new ideas as well as connect old and new collaborators.

Words of Welcome

Cancer is one of the most persistent challenges facing healthcare systems worldwide and a human tragedy still afflicting far too many individuals. To fight cancer, we must truly understand this incredibly diverse and complex disease. Cancer is just as diverse as any cell that has gone through myriads of cycles of evolution. Yet, there are general patterns of malignant tumor behavior that are dictated by the laws of physics and exist independently of the diverse biochemical landscape within a tumor. Identifying these physical patterns of tumor behavior, understanding them mechanistically, and ultimately translating them into diagnostic and therapeutic strategies is the goal of the research area "Physics of Cancer". The Physics of Cancer International Symposium gathers leading experts and outstanding young scientists working in this cutting-edge and interdisciplinary field of research to create an atmosphere of openness and lively academic exchange as well as to establish an important networking platform for young scientists. We warmly welcome you to join the community and participate in Physics of Cancer 2021!

In addition to the traditional topics centered on the multiscale biophysical properties of malignant tumors from cell to tissue, there are three special focus sessions this year:

  • Magnetic resonance elastography in the context of cancer

  • 3D tumor models

  • Nuclear mechanotransduction

  • I wish us all an interesting and insightful POC 2021 conference!

    Ingolf Sack
    Charité University Hospital Berlin, Germany

    -- Organizing Team PoC 2021 --

    Organizing Committee

  • Josef A. Käs (Leipzig University, Germany)

  • Ingolf Sack (Charité University Hospital Berlin, Germany)

  • Harald Herrmann (University Hospital Erlangen, Germany)

  • Ben Fabry (Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany)

  • Elisabeth Fischer-Friedrich (Technical University Dresden, Germany)

  • Thomas Fuhs (Leipzig University, Germany)
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