6th Annual Symposium
Physics of Cancer
Leipzig, Germany
September 7-9, 2015
Contributed Talk
Tissue Competition and Interface Dynamics
Jens Elgeti
Jülich Forschungszentrum, Leo-Brandt-Strasse
In cancer, the malignant tissue spreads in the healthy host. The homeostatic pressure
has been proposed as a mechanical mechanism driving this competition.
We study the dynamics of tissue competition in the experimentally relevant case of tissues on flat substrates.
Even if both competing tissues are completely identical besides their homeostatic pressure, a stable interface of finite width forms.

We study structural and dynamical properties of this
interface with analytical calculations and mesoscopic simulations. In the simulations, we find that a stationary state
develops over time, in which the interface has a finite width and propagates
with a constant velocity. The propagation velocity in the simulations depends
linearly on the homeostatic stress, in excellent agreement with the analytical
predictions. This agreement is also seen for the stress and velocity profiles.
Finally, we analyzed the interface growth and roughness as a function of time
and system size, respectively. We estimated growth and roughness exponents,
which differ from those previously obtained for simple tissue growth.

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