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The 3rd "Physics of Cancer" symposium will take place in Leipzig, Germany from November 1st till 3rd, 2012.

Like one year ago, this year's meeting again intends to bring together researchers from the worldwide pioneering groups that are concerned with investigating the physical mechanisms underlying cancer progression.
Topics Included
  • Biomechanics (Biopolymers, Networks, Rheology, Cytoskeleton, Cell Shape)
  • Forces, Motion, Adhesion (Cell Motility, Assembly, Molecular Motors, Cell Division)
  • Oncology
  • Imaging
Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. Claudia T. Mierke
University of Leipzig

Prof. Dr. Josef A. Käs
University of Leipzig 

Prof. Dr. Sarah Köster
Georg August University of Göttingen

Prof. Dr. Harald Herrmann
German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg

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