To Leipzig

By train

The Leipzig Hauptbahnhof is one of the largest terminal railway stations in Europe with 19 above-ground platforms plus two underground platforms.

Deutsche Bahn operates regular regional train service between Leipzig and nearby cities as well as intercity trains between Leipzig and major cities in Germany including Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, and Dresden.

By bus

Leipzig Fernbus-Terminal is right next to the main station. Several bus companies (for example FlixBus or MeinFernbus) connect Leipzig with other cities in Germany and Europe.

By plane

Leipzig/Halle Airport (LEJ) is the main airport of in the Leipzig/Halle area. Trains run between the airport and the main station every 30 minutes.

Berlin Tegel (TXL) and Berlin Schönefeld (SXF) are 1.5 hours away by train while Frankfurt am Main Airport (FRA) is about four hours away.

By car

Leipzig is very well connected to the Autobahn highway system by three Autobahns: A14 (North, Northeast), A9 (West) and A38 (South).

Car access to the city center is restricted. Car parks are available at Hauptbahnhof, Augustusplatz, and Burgplatz. A parking guidance system is installed on the main streets. Around the inner ring, signs point you to the different car parks and display the current number of unused parking spots.

Most of the city of Leipzig is a designated low-emission zone (Umweltzone). Cars operating within city limits must comply with strict emission standards and have a special green sticker (Feinstaubplakette). If you enter the city without the sticker, or with a yellow or red sticker, you risk being fined.

To the Auditorium

By public transportation

The Leipzig’s Hauptbahnhof is a 15-minute walk away from the auditorium. The tram stations closest to the auditorium are Augustusplatz (STR4, STR7, STR8, STR11, STR12, STR15) and Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz (S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S5X, S6, STR2, STR8, STR9, STR10, STR11, STR14).

By car

The car park underneath Augustusplatz is the closest car park to the auditorium.

Photo licenses: cc-by-sa 3.0 Daniel-obst / cc-by-sa 3.0 FloSch / © Paul Trainer & Universität Leipzig