The History of Chinese Buddhist Literature in Relation to the Encyclopaedia of Buddhist Arts

  • Organised by Fo-Guang-Shan-Tempel, Berlin e.V. and College of Humanities, Fo Guang University.
  • Venerable Yungdong, The Development and Evolution of Blood Writing Sutra in Chinese Buddhism (中國佛教刺血寫經的發展與演變)
  • L. H. Hsiao, Viewing the Narrative of Manjushri Sutra from Manjushri Bodhisattva Collected in The Encyclopedia of Buddhist Arts (從《世界佛教美術圖說大辭典》收錄的文殊菩薩看文殊經典的敘事性)
  • Yen-Chiu Tu, Why was Faxian Silent in His Record of Buddhistic Kingdoms? (《佛國記》中法顯為何隱聲)
  • Li-Ling Liang, The Development and Characteristics of Buddhist Scripture Translation Literature in the New Translation Period (新譯時期佛經翻譯文學的發展與特色)
  • Jen-Yu Lin, The Appearance of the Buddha’s Land—Music and Dance Murals on the Silk Road (佛國的顯揚— 絲綢之路上的樂舞壁畫)
  • Chin Yi Wu, The Study of Buddhist Paintings in the Temple Tour Poetry of Bo Juyi (772–846) (白居易遊寺詩中的佛像畫研究)
  • Wan Chun Chiu, The Narrative in Images of the Stories about Numinous Manifestations in Fahua zhuanji (《法華傳記》之圖文敘事)
  • Susan Hu, The Influence of Buddhist Scripture Translation on Folk Guanyin Belief from a view of Guanyin Buddha Art (從觀音佛像藝術看佛經翻譯對民間觀音信仰的影響)

Literature and art play very important roles in the propagation of Buddhism; there is also a close relationship between them. The Encyclopedia of Buddhist Arts published by Fo Guang Shan Monastery contains over 9000 articles and approximately 15,000 pictures including the works of architecture, caves and rock carvings, sculpture, painting, artefacts and decorative arts, calligraphy and seal engraving, and people. Chinese Buddhist literature began with the translation of Buddhist scriptures and has gradually permeated through many aspects of Chinese art. The workshop presents a series of short papers on Buddhist art and literary history, drawing on the resources made accessible in the Encyclopedia of Buddhist Arts. (文學與藝術在佛教的弘揚中扮演著極為重要的角色,而兩者之間也有著密切的關係。由佛光山所發行的世界佛教美術圖說大辭典共有九千餘條目,近一萬五千幅圖片,包括佛教建築、石窟、雕塑、繪畫、工藝、書法與篆刻、人物。中國佛教文學始於佛經翻譯,而後逐漸擴及各類的中國藝術。本次活動之工作坊將借鑒世界佛教美術圖說大辭典中提供的資源,精簡地發表一系列有關佛教藝術與佛教文學史的論文。)

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