From the Embodiment of the Dao to the Embodiment of the Revolution

Organised by Monumenta Serica Institute-Sankt Augustin

Leopold Leeb Presents Book Series: Roman Malek (ed.), The Chinese Face of Jesus Christ, vol. 1, 2, 3a, 3b, 4a, and 4b (2002–2019)

The book series The Chinese Face of Jesus Christ was initiated by the late Roman Malek SVD (1951–2019), the former Director and Editor-in-chief of the Monumenta Serica Institute in Sankt Augustin, Germany. It was conceived as “a comprehensive interdisciplinary work on the manifold faces and images of Jesus in China, which unites the sinological, mission-historical, theological, art-historical, and other aspects” (from the introduction to vol. 1, p. 21). The series gradually evolved into six volumes: four text volumes divided chronologically, featuring scholarly articles and “Anthologies” with a wide range of other texts; one volume presenting an annotated bibliography and a final volume with supplementary material such as a general index. Leopold Leeb is very familiar with the work The Chinese Face of Jesus Christ because he translated the four text volumes into Chinese, together with a Chinese collaborator. In his presentation he will outline the main ideas connected with the representation of Jesus in China through different ages and in different contexts, enhancing his talk with visual material on the topic.

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Book presentation