Registration: FAQ

What is the deadline for registering online?

If you present a paper, the deadline is July 31, 2020. As long as you do not present a paper, you can also register on-site between August 23 and August 27.

The deadline is too early for me to commit to the conference in 2021.

The July 31 deadline serves to signal a certain degree of commitment and provides us with figures on the basis of which we can decide whether we will need a second call for papers. If you pay the fees, but then cannot attend EACS 2021 after all, we will process a refund at your request. A refund can be requested by emailing us before March 31, 2021.

I forgot to add the free Tuesday evening reception or another event when I ordered the conference ticket.

No problem, just place an additional order. You can place orders for 0 euros.

I am a student but not an EACS member. Can I apply the student discount?

Sorry, you need to be an EACS member to qualify for the student discount.

I am not an EACS member yet, can I order a discounted member ticket and become an EACS member before August?

Please complete your EACS membership registration before ordering a discounted EACS member ticket.

I want to order for more than one person, but I can only place one item in the basket.

We use the name you provide to generate your conference badge, so we only support one conference ticket per order.

I need an invoice.

You should be sent an invoice automatically by email.

I want to pay by credit card, not by PayPal.

Please follow the instructions on the PayPal website and you will be able to use your credit card. Click here for our guide.

I want to pay by bank wire transfer.

Sorry, we do not support bank transfers. If you are unable to use any supported online payment method, please register on-site at the conference instead.

I am from the People’s Republic of China and don’t have access to the payment options.

If (and only if) you open a PayPal account while being in China, you will be able to add your UnionPay card as a payment method.