We Value Your Privacy

This website is provided by the Anglistentag organising team of the Department of British Studies at Leipzig University. For questions on web user privacy or inquiries about data management please contact the web page admin:

Jonatan Steller
Email: jonatan.steller@uni-leipzig.de
Phone: +49 341 97-37316
Office: Room H4 3.04, GWZ, Beethovenstraße 15, 04107 Leipzig, Germany
Mail: Universität Leipzig, Institut für Anglistik, 04081 Leipzig, Germany

What Personal Data We Collect

Visiting the site: if you simply visit this website we do not actively collect usage data that is unique to the individual. The server provided by the university only logs client data such as your browser, screen size, IP address and access date in order to prevent orchestrated attacks on its infrastructure. This site runs on a local install of WordPress configured to neither send data through third-party servers nor save any cookies on your device. If you want to send us cookies, though, we most certainly do not mind.

Filling in the registration form: if you register online for this conference you will be asked to enter individual data such as name, address, or email. This happens on a voluntary basis and over an encrypted connection to the server. The data you enter plus your computer’s IP address will be saved in a database hosted locally on a university server. Closer to the date of the conference this data will be extracted, deleted from the database, and subsequently managed on computers and drives managed by the university only.

Links to Third-Party Content

You may find links to services such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google Maps, but all of these are configured to only collect data after you click on the respective link. If you express your explicit consent, we do embed Google Maps data in the venue and accommodation pages, meaning that a connection to another server is established. In these cases Google’s privacy policy applies.

Data Sharing and Interception

We do not pass on any data to third parties without your explicit approval. While we treat your data as safely as possible, all data transfer on the web may be intercepted by, for example, telecom service providers in ways that are outside our control.

Please note that it is prohibited to use email addresses provided on this site for the purpose of unsolicited advertising or information, i.e. spam emails.

If you are concerned about other sites hosted by Leipzig University, please refer to the university’s general privacy policy.