FDSL 10 Program_2013_11_28

List of alternate speakers_2013_11_28

Plenary Speakers

Hana Filip Slavic Aspect: A Constantly Moving Goal. University of Düsseldorf
Atle Grønn On (in)definite Tense and Aspect in Russian. University of Oslo
Andrew Spencer Lexical Representations and the Problem of Slavic Verb Stems. University of Essex
Sergei Tatevosov Where does Russian aspect come from? Moscow State University
Maria Polinsky What does it mean to be a native speaker? The relevance of heritage language to theory construction. Harvard University
Hagit Borer Between Function and Content – the Case of Slavic Perfective Prefixes Queen Mary, University of London
Gereon Müller A local approach to Slavic resumptives University of Leipzig

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